Tuesday, January 16, 2018
wifi2The free Wi-Fi service operated by the City of Vicksburg, and serving users in the 1100 through 1600 blocks of Washington Street has been redesigned and refurbished. New equipment was installed in late 2013 after several months of planning and testing. While the downtown Wi-Fi is designed to cover only the outdoor areas, it hosted over 250 users who accessed 45 Gigabytes of information during the month of February.

The downtown Wi-Fi has 10 access points or nodes. The downtown Wi-Fi has 10 access points or nodes. Wireless coverage for each node overlaps, and if one fails, others cover the area. Billy Gordon, Information Technology Director for the City, said "We are continually evaluating the performance of the system and will make changes as necessary to enhance coverage and usability."

To use the downtown Wi-Fi, connect to "vicksburg free wifi". No password is needed.