Vicksburg, Mississippi – Today it was announced by South Ward Alderman Willis Thompson that Emergency Medical Service in the Vicksburg Fire Department has been upgraded and enhanced to more effectively meet the growing needs of local residents. EMS staff will be able to instantly transmit patient care information to the State EMS office and hospitals in an efficient and timely manner. River Region Medical Center expressed interest in the system to help with their chest pain accreditation. The University Medical Center ER Director will use the system for their stroke and chest pain center.

The system consists of a toughbook laptop, document scanner and Wi-Fi hotspot on each of the ambulances. The laptops are capable of linking to the state's system through the use of a permanently mounted Wi-Fi hotspot. Patient reports are transmitted wirelessly to the state and the hospital.

By implementing this project, the Ambulance Service will be more efficient. A few are listed below.

• Accountability of paperwork - less likely chance of paperwork getting lost because everything is done electronically
• Cost/resource savings - no hard copy printing necessary
• Time savings - no waiting until medics provide documents - administration and medical facilities have real time access to files
• Financial management - cost of printing and faxing copies reduced - other agencies have access to reports in real time

Prior to this system, the Fire Department had an employee for entering runs into the system using handwritten paper copies from medics. These copies had to be manually checked for errors before entering them into the State's system. Now, practically all of the quality control is done by the software and data transmission is automated.

The immediate benefits of the system were increased accuracy in data gathering, medic efficiency at the scene, and a reduction in the time it takes to get the data to the medical facilities as well as the State's servers. There are also cost savings in personnel, paper, and other supplies.

In making the announcement today, Alderman Thompson recognized the commitment and dedication of Ms. Pam Freeman of the City's IT Department and Deputy Fire Chief Ken Daniels. "Time is the most important factor when transporting a patient to a medical facility. The use of this technology will help provide more adequate care and save lives." – Alderman Willis Thompson.
EMS Go Paperless   EMS Go Paperless 

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EMS Goes Paperless
EMS Goes Paperless  

EMS Goes Paperless