Wednesday, February 21, 2018
mdot-logo-webTo improve safety and mobility for the traveling public and to prepare for future anticipated needs, MDOT is proposing a project to reconstruct the approximate six miles of I-20, its interchanges, and most of the frontage roads in the Vicksburg area between the eastern side of the Washington Street/Warrenton Road Exit 1A Interchange and the eastern side of the US 61 North/SR 27 Exit 5 Interchange.

The proposed project is needed to:

• Increase traffic capacity
• Improve sight distances
• Lengthen interchange entrance and exit ramps
• Increase vertical clearances at problem bridge crossings
• Address unsatisfactory traffic weaving sections

Three alternatives are being presented for your input at today's hearing. The alternatives are a No Build Alternative A, which would do nothing and does not meet the purpose and need of the study, and Build Alternatives B and C.

The build alternatives have similar concepts for reconstructing the mainline interstate, interchanges, and frontage roads. Both build alternatives require reconstructing the frontage roads and widening them to three lanes.

For Alternative B, frontage roads that functioned as the interstate detour will remain in one-way operation after the completed mainline interstate lanes are opened to traffic. For Alternative C, the frontage roads will be placed back in two-way operation.

Contact Info
Mississippi Department of Transportation
Kim Thurman, Director
Environmental Division
P. O. Box 1850
Jackson, MS 39215-1850
(601) 359-7920
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