Friday, December 15, 2017
radio towerFor several years, the City has rebroadcast radio Traffic on its 800 Mhz Radio system on 155.790 Mhz, a frequency which is easily received on an inexpensive scanner.

Because of new FCC rules, we are in the process of changing out the equipment used for this rebroadcast. This has resulted in an interruption of the service. At this time, we expect the rebroadcast to resume by Monday, September 17th.

When we resume the service, our equipment will be in compliance with the latest FCC rules using narrowband technology. Newer scanners are fully compliant with narrowband, but older scanners, while they will still operate, will result in a much lower receive volume. If your scanner is capable of full narrowband operation, you may have to reprogram it to utilize the new technology.

Consult your equipment manual or check the internet for instructions for your scanner.

Reminder: City employees have no information on the exact capabilities of any scanner, nor can we offer any advice or assistance on programming your scanner.