Saturday, February 17, 2018

Beulah Cemetery Arch Vicksburg, MSA group of Hinds Community College students lead by their instructor Joe Johnston, restored the metal archway over the entrance to Beulah Cemetery. The students did a fantastic job in restoring the sign which had been on the ground for nearly sixty years. The late Mr. Sims, who was the manager of Beulah's grounds, would have been pleased. It was his dream to restore and put up the archway again.

Beulah Cemetery is one of the most intact historic properties associated with the growth and development of the African-American community of Vicksburg and Warren County, Mississippi. From its establishment in 1884 until the 1940's, the cemetery was the most important cemetery for Vicksburg-area African Americans and remains today a visible landmark for the black community.

See the Beulah Cemetery website for more information.