Saturday, February 17, 2018
Willis Thompson MML Certificate

Vicksburg, Mississippi, 7/1/16 

Willis Thompson, of the city of Vicksburg, has graduated from the Basic Level of the Certified Municipal official (CMO) program sponsored by the Mississippi Municipal League (MML). Under this program, local elected officials complete training and activities directly related to understanding and improving the management of local municipal issues. 

Alderman Thompson received the Basic CMO certification, which is earned by accumulating a minimum of 60 hours of training presented by the MML. The program is designed to take about two years to complete. 

Although the certification course is voluntary, receipt of the designation of “Certified Municipal Official” requires completion of four core courses: Municipal Organization, taught by the John C. Stennis Institute of Government at MSU; Municipal Law, taught by the Office of the Attorney General, Mississippi Ethics Commission and the Office of the State Auditor; Municipal Finance, taught by Government Consultants; and Municipal Land Use taught by the Orion Group. 

MML Executive Director Shari T. Veazey stated, “The CMO program provides the participants training to help them become more effective leaders for their respective cities, and the Mississippi Municipal League is proud to offer this opportunity.”

Established in 1931, MML represents 295 cities, towns, and village governments in Mississippi. The mission of the MML is helping cities and towns excel through training, lobbying at the state and federal level, and providing resources and networking opportunities with state, federal, and private entities. For more information about the Mississippi Municipal League, visit