I would like to commend the site selection committee for all their efforts in the development of a sports complex for the City of Vicksburg. I feel we are half-way to our destination and with determination and dedication, a sports complex will become a reality for our community. Furthermore, as a result of the site presentation meeting last night on April 9, 2015, which I thought was very productive and informative, I would like to make the following recommendations:

1. Delay the site selection decision for 60 days

2. Make a site visit to all potential sites in Warren County, but outside the city limits, including but not limited to:

  1. The 200 acre plot behind the Outlet Mall per Mrs. Margaret Gilmer
  2. The plot of land next to Strong's and Warren Central on Highway 27
  3. Plot of land south of Merit Health Hospital and east of Highway 61 North
  4. Plot of land north of Merit Health Hospital and north of the City of Vicksburg

3. The City of Vicksburg should hire a consultant to study the traffic count on Halls Ferry Road and Fisher Ferry to analyze the impact of a sports complex on the Fisher Ferry property

4. Request from State Representative Alex Monsour and any other potential private developers to present to the City of Vicksburg Board of Mayor and Aldermen a letter of intent within 60 days

5. Site Selection Committee should meet as soon as possible to discuss these recommendations and come back with recommendations of their own. Then, those recommendations can be presented to Mr. Jon Moore for further SWOT analysis

I am convinced that a sports complex will be built in Vicksburg with the help of a tax being levied on local restaurants and hotels. I am also still in favor of Fisher Ferry being the selected site, but in order to be fair and open, I want to ensure that all questions have been erased about building on this site. I feel that we have narrowed our opposition down to less than 10% of the city voting population, with most of the opposition coming from residents who live outside the city limits and their representatives.

I'm looking forward to a recommendation from the Site Selection Committee in 30 days, along with a cost acquisition analysis if another site is chosen. No decision will be made on the site selection or timing of the election till after 60 days. It is incumbent upon us to remember that the voters are always right. They will ultimately make the final decision on the future of our youth in the City of Vicksburg. I'm certain that through transparency, integrity, and honesty, we will derive at the best decision for our community. Thank you for your attention on this matter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in my office.

George Flaggs, Jr.
Mayor, City of Vicksburg, MS