Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Patrol Commander, Lt. Milton Moore and Officer Judson MaglorieThe City of Vicksburg IT Department in conjunction with the Vicksburg Police Department, has just completed the initial phase of a new e-Citation solution from Application Data Systems Inc. out of Southaven MS. This solution utilizes pedestal mounted ruggedized laptop computers to streamline the citation process. The system improves accuracy and efficiency by allowing the officer to scan a driver license, lookup related warrant information, print the ticket and upload citation information directly to the police department database servers. Before the automated system was implemented, all citations were handwritten and turned over to Court Services data entry clerks for processing. In addition to the citation, the new system gives police officers the ability to lookup information directly, write related reports, and start the booking process all from their patrol car.

Chief Walter Armstrong is excited about the technological advancement of the department. "Advanced technology in law enforcement is the wave of the future, not only from a convenience standpoint for law enforcement, but also from a safety point of view. I am proud that the Vicksburg Police Department is on the cutting edge of this technology." said Armstrong.

The initial phase includes thirteen (13) ruggedized laptop computers, driver license scanners and thermal printers mounted inside the patrol cars. Working toward a complete "Mobile Data Terminal" solution, future phases will include interfacing with the E911 dispatch center and other law enforcement services.