Saturday, February 17, 2018

Who DO I Call?For all calls related to City services you may call our Action Line at (601)636-3411. Below is a list of other important area contact numbers.

Who Do I Call for ...

an emergency?

All emergency calls should be directed to the e911 center by dialing 911.

getting married?

Circuit Clerk's Office 601-636-3961

a driver's license?

Mississippi Driver's License Bureau 601-638-5441

a car or boat tag?

Warren County Tax Collector's Office 601-638-6181

reporting a loose dog?

(inside city limits) Animal Control 601-636-6982

reporting a dead animal?

(inside city limits) Animal Control 601-636-6982

a map of Vicksburg?

Convention and Visitors Bureau 601-636-9421

a missing animal?

Vicksburg Warren Humane Society at 636-6631

questions about water and gas bills?

Water & Gas Office at 601-634-4560

a water emergency after 5:00pm?

Water & Gas Plant Dispatcher at 601-636-1096

reporting a water or gas leak after 5:00 pm?

Water & Gas Plant Dispatcher at 601-636-1096

reporting an electrical emergency after 5:00 PM?

Entergy 1-800-968-8243

questions about my electrical bill?

Entergy 1-800-368-3749

reporting a dispute with landlord?

Justice Court 601-634-6402

a passport?

US Post Office 601-636-1071

a traffic ticket in the City?

Vicksburg Police Department 601-636-2511

a traffic ticket in the County?

Justice Court 601-634-6402

information on your City taxes?

Warren County Tax Assessor 601-638-6181

a listing of apartments?

Chamber of Commerce 601-636-1012

reporting a problem with a business?

Better Business Bureau 1-800-987-8280

getting a social security card?

Social Security Administration 1-800-772-1213

registering to vote?

Warren County Circuit Court Clerk 601-636-3961

a library card?

Warren-Vicksburg Public Library 601-636-6411

questions about renting the City Auditorium?

Vicksburg Convention Center 601-630-2929

questions about renting the Convention Center?

Vicksburg Convention Center 601-630-2929

renting the pavilion at City Park?

City Clerks Office 601-634-4553

information about grave plots from the City Cemetery?

City Clerks Office 601-634-4553 or the Cemetery Office 601-634-4513

applying for a privilege license for a business?

City Inspection Department 634-4528

applying for a building permit?

City Inspection Department 634-4528

reporting a possible natural gas leak?

Gas Plant Dispatcher Center 601-634-4560 or 911

questions about fire prevention?

Vicksburg Fire Department 601-634-4566

a non-emergency Fire Department matter?

Vicksburg Fire Department 601-636-1607

a non-emergency Police matter?

Vicksburg Police Department 601-636-2511

job openings for City employment?

City of Vicksburg Human Resources Department at 601-631-3710

information about the Vicksburg-Warren School District?

Vicksburg/Warren District Office 601-638-5122

information about the Senior Center?

Vicksburg Senior Center 601-630-8059

reporting a sewer problem?

City of Vicksburg Sewer Department 601-634-4535

reporting a residential phone problem?

BellSouth 601-557-6500

information about events happening Downtown?

Main Street Office 601-634-4527

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