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* These records only go back to 1967.


NameBurial DateDivisionSquareLotBurial TypeDescription
Abbott, Britt Marion2004.11.03M616Earths/g/s in the n/w 1/4 lot 16 sq 6 div M
Abbott, Eugene Marion, Sr.1971.03.13C106
Abbott, J.C.1982.07.11C236S1/2 of NE1/2+N1/2 of SE1/4 Sq. 236.
Abbott, J.C., Sr.1972.12.09C236
Abbott, Mrs. Wadie Panalner1967.11.15C236Across from Mary E. Haven Lot.
Ables, Canna Elizabeth2006.04.15M165VaultS.G.S. in the S/W 1/4 of Lot 65, sq. 1, div. M
Ables, Chris1996.04.09C250St. Lots bet. Sq. 250+249.
Ables, Clara1978.10.04C250E. St. Lot bet. Sq. 250+249.(SW #2 from S)
Ables, Helen1995.05.17C250St. Lots bet. Sq. 250+249.
Ables, J.H., Sr.1969.01.01M162S1/2 Lot 62 + N1/2 Lot 65
Ables, Jackson H., Jr.1998.03.28M165N1/2 Lot 65 + S1/2 Lot 62.
Ables, Jim1992.04.14C250St. Lots bet. Sq. 250+249.
Ables, Lillian Marie Ivey2006.04.14C0OtherS.G.S. in the N/W 1/4 of Sl.Lot.Btwn. 250.249, Div. C
Ables, Mary C.2006.05.05CEarthS.G.S. in the N/E 1/4 of St. Lot E.St., sq. 250/249, Div., C
Ables, R.M.1997.04.08C250Bet. Sq. 250+249.
Ables, Thomas Burrel1981.07.28C258St. Lots bet. Sq. 258 + Sq. 249.
Ables, Vera Dove1978.01.10M165N1/2 Lot 65 + S1/2 Lot 62, Sq. 1.
Abney, Carl1998.03.05M287SW1/4 (Beside wife Lottie)
Abney, Francis H.1976.09.10M294G.S. #10 in NW 1/4
Abney, James J.1999.08.06F296S.G.S. in SW1/4
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