Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Vicksburg Mayor Paul Winfield, addressed the crowd gathered at the ribbon cutting for the Living Word Disaster Recovery and Development Center Agency.  Mayor Winfield stressed the importance of disaster preparedness as well as the need for long-term assistance during the recovery process. The Agency is located at 2127 Washington Street (formerly Blackburn Motor Company service building).
The Living Word Disaster Recovery and Development Center Agency is working to put in place a sustained long-term diaster relief program, capable of stimulating economic development through helping individuals, families and businesses recover from natural disasters, after their assistance from agencies has expired. According to Executive Director, Dr. Stevie Duncan, the purpose of the agency is to "deter the disaster after the disaster".
Mayor Paul Winfield
Dr. Stevie C. Duncan

Christi Kilroy, Director, Chamber of Commerce

Brother Blackburn
James Blackburn
Hillary Willimas, Service Plus Communications

Mayor Paul Winfield