All full time employees of City of Vicksburg are entitled to a benefits package that helps provide for them and their family. The City of Vicksburg observes nine (9) holidays each year. Employees earn twelve (12) hours annual leave and eight (8) hours sick leave each month during the first three (3) years of employment; after that, employees accrue vacation on a scale based on the number of years of continuous service. The City of Vicksburg provides up to three (3) days of bereavement leave involving immediate family members, fifteen (15) days full pay while on military training duty, and full-time pay while on jury duty.

Other benefits provided by City of Vicksburg include an employee health care plan, worker's compensation coverage, optional tax shelter plans and credit union service, and an educational assistance program for work-related education and training. Depending on performance, employees may be eligible for annual merit increases. The City of Vicksburg also offers monetary benefits for employees with long years of service. For more information about benefits for City of Vicksburg employees, call the Human Resource Department at (601)631-3710.