Saturday, February 24, 2018
  1. Home Repair Assistance for the Elderly

    The City of Vicksburg Housing department provides home repair assistance for the elderly who are on fixed incomes via grants and with the assistance of volunteer organizations. The grants are limited and are only available twice a year. Available grants are provided by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas. The homes have to be owned by the resident and the repairs are assessed by the Inspection Department.

    If you are a senior citizen, residing in Vicksburg MS, in need of assistance with repairing your home, please call the City of Vicksburg Housing Department at 601-634-4528 and ask for Gertrude Young (Housing Director) or Angela Turner (Housing Coordinator) or fill out the information in the form below. We will make an appointment to assess your home and work towards finding the available funds to help repair your home. Funds are limited and have requirements; therefore, we also rely on volunteers in the community to help assist with repairs for elderly residents. If you would like to VOLUNTEER please click on the volunteer link.

    The City of Vicksburg housing department can only assist the residents of Vicksburg, MS and not those in other states.

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