The City of Vicksburg does not provide Contractor Testing; however, if you are interested in obtaining a license to perform plumbing, electrical or mechanical work, the City will honor the exams offered through Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI) now known as International Code Council (ICC). The phone number is 1-877-STD-EXAM. If you hold a master license from another city or county in the State of Mississippi, you may transfer you license to the City of Vicksburg in accordance with State Statute 27-17-457.

Please see article titled Contractor Certification, Licensing and Bonding for requirements to do contracting work in Vicksburg.

If you are a general contractor wishing to obtain a Residential Remodelers License, Residential Builders License or a Commercial Contractors License you may call the Mississippi State Board of Contractors at (601) 354-6161.