Sunday, February 25, 2018
The City of Vicksburg provides many services for residents and businesses within the city's corporate limits. Among the many services the City provides is sole maintenance of all public roads within its corporate limits as well as sole operations and maintenance of the City's utilites of Water, Gas and Sewer systems. The City levies Ad Valorem taxes and contracts with the Warren County Government to collect these taxes so as to provide these services to its residents and businesses and to give them one location to pay. Residents and businesses of the City of Vicksburg pay taxes to both of the local governments of the area, the City of Vicksburg and Warren County.

Mississippi law lists five categories of property that are taxed for Ad Valorem purposes. Primarily a resident, unless a business owner, is most commonly affected by two of these categories, Class I - single-family, owner-occupied,residential real property and Class V - Motor vehicle property.

The City of Vicksburg receives monthly disbursements of Ad Valorem city taxes collected by the Warren County Tax Collectors office for property within the corporate limits of the City of Vicksburg and taxes on Motor Vehicles owned by residents residing in the city. Homestead exemption is an exemption from Ad Valorem property tax of the primary residence of the owner. For a description of Homestead exemption, both regular and additional, and when and where to file for this exemption please listen to the system message #3320.

Another tax collected from local residents is for the funding of the Vicksburg Warren School District. The school tax millage rate set by the Warren County Board of Supervisors each September is collected by the Tax Collectors office and then dispursed to the School District.

The Ad Valorem taxes owed are calculated by the accessed value of the property(s) times the millage rate. The millage rate is set by September 15th of each year by both City and County of which City residents pay both.

The City of Vicksburg also receives disbursements from the State for Sales tax collected from business establishments within the Corporate limits of the City of Vicksburg. Casinos within the corporate limits of the City of Vicksburg also pay a gaming tax to the State. City of Vicksburg, Warren County and Vicksburg Warren School District each receive a share of this tax. Tax Revenues received by the City go into the general fund, police and fire retirement fund and the bond and interest fund. The general fund tax revenues are then allocated in accordance with the City of Vicksburg's annual fiscal budget adopted by October of each year.

For more information contact the City of Vicksburg City Clerk's office located at 1401 Walnut St., between the hours of 8:00 a.m and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday or call the office at (601) 634-4553.