Saturday, February 24, 2018
Interment (Burial) lots purchased prior to May 15, 2006 may be re-sold to another buyer. If this is the case, the new owner must present a bill of sale and quit claim deed, or proof of heirship to the City of Vicksburg's City Clerk's office to transfer the records into the new owner's name.

Since May 15, 2006 the City no longer conveys Cemetery land. At that time the City began the sale of Perpetual Easements for Interment. These Easements may not be re-sold except back to the City for the original purchase price less a transfer fee.

Perpetual Easements for Interment may be transferred through Last Will and Testament. If that is the case then the transferee must have the transfer recorded through the City Clerk's office located at 1401 Walnut Street. To reach the office by phone, please dial (601) 634-4553.

For more information concerning the transfering of Interment Lots or reselling prior Cemetery land conveyances, please refer to the article concerning Fee Schedules or Ordinances and Policies.
You may also call the City of Vicksburg's Cedar Hill Cemetery Office at (601) 634-4513. The Cemetery office is located at 326 Lovers Lane and is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. If calling after hours, you may leave a voice message for a return call. Please state clearly your first and last name, phone number and brief reason for the call. Once again, the number is (601) 634-4513.