Wednesday, January 17, 2018
The City of Vicksburg Cedar Hill Cemetery, located at the intersection of Sky Farm and Lovers Lane, welcomes visitors to place remembrances on grave sites using fresh or artificial arrangements. Placement of fresh flowers, artificial flowers or live plants within the cemetery grounds is permitted following these guidelines:

1.)Flowers are contained in a permanent vase on a monument secured to ensure stabilization in winds; or
2.)If a basket of flowers or a plant is placed on site, it too must be secured in place for stabilization and surrounded by a non-deteriorating border to ease in grass trimming. (Note: For safety and aesthetics be sure to remove any stabilizers and borders when removing potted plants or baskets from the site.)
3.)All faded or unsightly flowers should be removed promptly by the placing individual or owner. The Cemetery Manager reserves the right to remove such when neglected or damaged.

The guidelines listed previously do not apply to flowers and plants placed at the time of interment (burial). Funeral flowers and plants are allowed at the gravesite during time of interment and until such become faded or unsightly. Funeral Flowers and plants will be removed and disposed of by the Cemetery if not already removed by the family or funeral home.

No trees or large shrubs may be planted except by the Cemetery in coordination with the Landscaping Department. Pruning and care of any existing trees and shrubs on privately owned lots are the responsibility of the lot owner.

The Cemetery has the right to remove any tree, shrub or obstacle on any lot that may interfere in the opening of graves and/or the proper maintenance concerning the safety and aesthetics of the cemetery.

You may also contact the the City's Cedar Hill Cemetery office located at 326 Lovers Lane or by dialing (601) 634-4513, Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.