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Sec. 7-1. City Cemetery and Cemetery Manager

The City Cemetery, a historic cemetery, originally known as City graveyard, shall be named City of Cedar Hill MonumentVicksburg Cedar Hill Cemetery and is sometimes referred to as the “City Cemetery” or “cemetery” in ordinances and policies relating to same. The Sexton of the Cemetery is also referred to as the Cemetery Manager.

Sec. 7-2 Perpetual Easement for Interment, definition, signing, delivery and prior land conveyances honored
7-2.1 The Perpetual Easement for Interment, also commonly referred to as Rights to Inter or Interment Rights, is a contract between the purchaser and the City for the purpose of allowing the right to be interred in a described piece or parcel of land and at a scheduled price for lot size and perpetual care as set by the City. Only human remains may be interred in the cemetery. The Perpetual Easement for Interment does not convey the transfer of land title.
7-2.2 The City of Vicksburg shall adopt policies from time to time regarding interment rights and prior cemetery deeds to further clarify and set forth limitations. The City will honor all previously issued deeds.
7-2.3 Except for family transfers by will or intestate succession, the sale, transfer or assignment of Interment Rights to any person other than the City is strictly prohibited.
7-2.4 The City may purchase Interment Rights of unused parcels at the cost of the purchase price pro-rated according to unused size, less Interment Right transfer Fees. Transfer of Perpetual Easement for Interment to heirs by will or intestate succession, must be made and duly recorded with the office of the City Clerk and at a fee set by schedule. It is the City’s intention to honor the Last Will and Testament of a decedent and the rights to inherit. The City may require proof of any rights claimed by family members. The City is not responsible for any transfer of Interment Rights by will or through heirs concerning previous interments in lots.

7-2.5 The Perpetual Easement for Interment to all lots within the City Cemetery shall be signed and delivered by the Mayor through the office of City Clerk.

Sec 7-3. Cemetery Perpetual Care Trust and Prior land conveyances and conversion to perpetual care, and maintenance fees
monument at cedar hill7-3.1 Revenue received from the City Cemetery is to be reserved as a special trust, which is known as the “Cemetery Perpetual Care Trust.” Annual earnings of said Trust may be disbursed for Cemetery maintenance.
7-3.2 The City will allow conversion from an annual maintenance fee to Perpetual Care through the office of City Clerk for previously purchased cemetery lots.

7-3.3 Purchased lots which have not been converted to perpetual care must continue to pay annual maintenance fees.

Sec. 7-4. Entering grounds, Visiting hours, Office hours and Entrance
7-4.1 It shall be unlawful for any person to visit the city cemetery except during posted times without permission from the Cemetery Manager. Entrance shall only be through the cemetery gates.
7-4.1 Cemetery Office contact hours are between 7:30 am and 3:00 pm – Monday through Friday, excluding Municipal holidays.

Sec. 7-5. Monuments, headstones, fencing, enclosures, railings, vaults, trees, Consent and Supervision required.
7-5.1 It shall be unlawful for any person to place, erect or set up any headstone, statue, monument, stone, brick or marble work of any kind in a lot in the city cemetery without first having the notified the Cemetery Manager and having approval of the placement, size, foundation and other factors that may be relevant or hazardous to the subject lot or adjacent lots, depending upon the characteristics of the headstone or monument.
7-5.2 There shall be no new fencing, railings, or enclosures including walls and copings, constructed or placed in the City Cemetery from this time period forward. Existing structures may continue to exist and be maintained.
7-5.3 It shall be the responsibility of the Individual or the monument company to procure the consent of the Cemetery Manager before a monument, headstone or corner marker is placed on a lot. Supervision by Cemetery Manager may be required.
7-5.4 There shall be no trees planted in the City Cemetery except by the City.
7-5.5 New installation of Vaults (with or without handles), used to encase interment caskets, must be completely covered by dirt from this time forward; however, exception will be made where family lots already contain such vault installations. It shall be the responsibility of the individual responsible for Opening and Closing or the funeral home/director in lieu of, to request the exception in writing at the time of Interment Notification from the Cemetery for the exception to such exposed vaults.


Sec. 7-6. Survey markers, corner markers, enclosures
7-6.1 No survey markers of any kind shall be removed.
soldiersrest7-6.2 All corner markers, enclosures, or other approved markers must be placed inside the boundary of the survey marker.
Sec. 7-6. “New Cemetery” is defined as and refers to Divisions E, F, G, M and new development named J, as well as any future development.

Sec. 7-7. Conduct and Offenses in Cemetery
7-7.1 All persons will respect the solemnity of the Cemetery and strictly observe the rules which have been established for the purpose of securing quiet and good order at all times within the grounds.
7-7.2 There shall be no loitering in the cemetery.
7-7.3 Drinking alcoholic beverages is not permitted within the cemetery grounds.
7-7.4 It shall be unlawful for any person, not being duly authorized, to cut, destroy, injure or remove any flowers (except as allowed by beautification policy) or shrubbery in the City Cemetery; mutilate, deface, injure or destroy any fence, monument, gravestone or any part thereof or anything appertaining thereto; and discharge firearms; except in the case of military like funerals.


Sec. 7-8. Vehicles, Traffic, Parking and Speed Limit
7-8.1 Vehicles on Cemetery roads shall be of family size; except by special provision as stated in Sec.
7-8.2 A Special provision to allow some commercial size vehicles such as vault trucks, monument installation trucks, city trucks and small tour vans may be allowed if they first obtain permission from the Cemetery Manager for each admittance onto cemetery roads and grounds and only as instructed by the Cemetery Manager concerning route and special road and ground conditions.
7-8.3 Large tour buses and RV’s may park in the Cemetery Office parking lot; however, such should not obstruct the regular vehicular parking and maintenance equipment flow of movement. Prior notification should be given to the Cemetery Manager.
7-8.4 Unregistered motor vehicles are not allowed on Cemetery grounds except City owned vehicles and equipment for management, maintenance and development purposes.
7-8.5 Drivers must observe rules of the road as regulated by the State of Mississippi which may be enforced by the City of Vicksburg Police Department, the Warren County Sheriff Department and any other applicable enforcing agencies. Owners shall use common courtesy as well.
7-8.6 Traffic and Parking in the Cemetery is limited to funerals, memorials, personal visits to grave sites and tours with the following guidelines, limitations and caution:
•The Speed limit of the Cemetery is 10 mph and in some areas less, when instructed by signage.
•Care should be given to allow safe passing by other vehicles so not to cause leaving the right of way to veer onto lots.
•All vehicles shall stop when a funeral procession is passing.
•The Cemetery prefers limited traffic and parking on grass roads and requests whenever possible walking on the grass roads.
•Due to the nature of the shifting ground and the steep terrain, some roads are considered hazardous and are impassable by vehicle traffic. Impassable roads are displayed with a red line on the Cemetery Streets map or where barrier is installed.
•Extra caution should be used when conditions are wet.
•Due to the nature of the Cemetery, the City has placed limited signage. No stop signs are contained in the Cemetery; however, please use extreme caution and care at all intersections giving special consideration to stopping first at those with poor visibility due to terrain or monument work.

Cedar Hill SignSec. 7-9. Funeral Homes, Directors, Interments
7-9.1 Funeral Homes/Directors shall hand deliver to the Cemetery Manager or designated staff immediately before or after interment, a metal marker encasing an information card with at least the following typed information: Name of Funeral Home, Name of Deceased interred, Date of Birth, and Date of Death.
7-9.2 All Interments and Dis-Interments, including the interment of Cremains (Ashes), shall be by the Cemetery Manager and his staff after all involved have followed the policy regarding such.

Sec. 7-10. Rights to Management, Liability, Policies and Fee Schedule
7-10.1 The Cemetery reserves the right to remove any tree, shrub or obstacle on any lot that may hinder the efforts of the employee in the opening of graves and/or the proper maintenance concerning the safety and aesthetics of the cemetery.
7-10.2 When hand digging is necessary in such cases where previously existing fencing, gates or enclosures interferes with the digging of graves, an additional fee will be applied to the Opening and Closing fees.
7-10.3 The City is not responsible for damages to graves or headstones by chemicals, natural elements, vandals, thieves or by other causes beyond its control.
7-10.4 The City will adopt policies and fee schedules regarding costs and rules and regulations in the use of, care of, interment, sales and other issues regarding the Cemetery.
7-10.5 All fees are paid to and collected by the Office of City Clerk. Fees and Policies are subject to amendment by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Vicksburg.

Sec. 7-11. Penalties
7-11.1 Any person who shall fail to comply with or who shall violate any of the provisions of this ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be subject to the penalties as provided in Sec. 1-9 of the Code of Ordinances.
7-11.2 Nothing contained in this section shall prevent the City from taking such other lawful action as is necessary to prevent or remedy any violation.


POLICY regarding City “Cedar Hill” Cemetery - General

Sale of Perpetual Easements for Interments, Prior Cemetery Land Conveyances
1)The City no longer conveys cemetery land. The City does sell Perpetual Easements for Interment also known as Rights to Inter or Interment Rights.
2)The City continues to honor prior cemetery land conveyances.
3)The City has adopted ordinances and cemetery policies governing cemetery rules and regulations and fees.

Funeral Homes shall also mean Funeral Directors
1)Funeral Homes must follow all ordinances and policies of the Cemetery as pertaining to Interments, Dis-Interments, Funerals, Funeral Processions and Traffic Control, offenses, and other regulated matters.
2)If, in the case where the Funeral Director or Funeral Home is paying the fees for its customers, such as but not limited to Opening and Closings and Perpetual Easements for Interment, then it is the responsibility of the Funeral Home to provide all ordinance and policy information regarding the cemetery to the appropriate family member or person responsible for the interment prior to the day of Interment.
Interments (Opening and Closings), Dis-Interments, Re-Interments, Burial of Ashes and Funerals
All Interments (Opening and Closings), Dis-Interments and Re-Interments and Burial of Ashes which includes, but are not limited to funerals, are to follow the Cemetery Policy Regarding Interment Notification, Interment Authorization and Disinterment/Re-Interments. (See Also Fee Schedule)

Funerals, Processions and Traffic Control
1)All funeral processions within the cemetery must first be approved by the Cemetery Manager.
2)It is the responsibility of the Director of the Funeral or Funeral Home to provide for traffic control as necessary within the cemetery.

Pauper Interments, Infant Interment area, Monuments
1)Pauper interments must be designated by Warren County with notice sent by fax from the Chancery Clerk’s office of Warren County to the City Clerk’s office.
2)Pauper Interments are at the location designated by the City.
4)Infant Interments, if “Perpetual Easement for Interment” is not purchased, are at the location designated by the City.
3)No monuments of any type may be placed in the Pauper Interment areas or Infant Interment site.


Cemetery, use of other than funeral
1)Visitors are encouraged to visit the cemetery during daytime hours when the cemetery is open.
2)The date and time of gatherings for memorial services, dedication of monuments and such, shall be approved by the Cemetery Manager to make sure it will not conflict with a scheduled funeral. Where such gathering has an expectation of more than five (5) vehicles, the Cemetery Manager may consult with the Police Department for issues of traffic control and safety. Such consultation may require special provisions in which planning, preparation, and financial burden to provide the special provisions will fall on the requesting individual or group, not on the City.

It is the duty of the Cemetery Manager working by staff and with the Public Works department to maintain the streets of the city cemetery in good order. 

It is the duty of the Cemetery Manager to cut and keep trimmed by staff, contract or arrangements with the Public Works department all grass in the City cemetery for the purpose of maintenance and perpetual care.

Preservation of Historic Burial Grounds
The City is assisting efforts to inform the public of the State of Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH) efforts to preserve cemeteries. MDAH have and can refer inquiries to excellent sources of information concerning records and the care of grounds, monuments, etc. The website address is www.mdah.state.ms.us.

Beautification – Trees, Flowers, and Plants
1)It is the duty of the Cemetery Manager by staff or with the Landscaping department to have full charge of the beautification efforts of the public property of the Cemetery with new plantings of trees, ornamental plants and pruning to ensure the overall aesthetics, management of the grounds and the care of monuments, statuary and such.
2)Where trees and shrubs already exist on lots, pruning of trees and shrubs on individual lots is the responsibility of the lot owner.
3)Funeral flowers and plants are allowed at gravesite during time of interment and until such become faded or unsightly. Funeral flowers and plants will be removed and disposed of by the Cemetery if not already removed by family or funeral home.
4)On-going flower and plant ornamentation is allowed under the following conditions:
•Flowers are contained in a permanent vase on a monument secured to ensure stabilization in winds.
•If a basket of flowers or a plant is placed on site, it too must be secured in place for stabilization and surrounded by a non-deteriorating border to ease in grass trimming.
•All faded or unsightly flowers shall be removed promptly by the placing individual or owner. The Cemetery Manager reserves the right to remove such when neglected or damaged.


Maintenance of Existing Fencing, Enclosures
The City encourages maintenance of existing fencing and enclosures, but is not responsible for any damage to the fence or enclosure by vault interments (burials).

Cemetery Rubbish

Family and friends are encouraged to remove all faded and/or unsightly flowers and other rubbish from their own Cemetery site and to place with his/her own residential collection. However, discarded flowers, plants and their containers collected from sites by such individuals, other than City departments, may be placed in strong plastic bags and placed at curbside of lot. Notice should be given to the Cemetery Manager when placed at curbside. No food items or wrappers of such shall be placed in bags left at Cemetery curbside.

Chemicals and Damage
Spreading fertilizer or other materials on lots to stimulate growth of grasses or applying any chemical or compound to control the growth of undesirable grasses or other plants is prohibited, unless each use has prior approval by the Cemetery Manager. Many chemicals harm monument and statuary materials, and by the nature of plants, many chemicals can travel systemically and harm other unintended greenery.

 Interments and Digging graves
It is the duty of the Cemetery Manager and his staff to dig all graves for the interment of deceased persons in the City Cemetery as promptly as possible upon receipt of the Authorization to Inter and when all fees pertaining to such are paid with notification of such from the office of City Clerk.

Cemetery Department and Staff
1) City personnel and staff cannot perform work on individual stones, lots or other personal property in the cemetery during normal working hours.
2) No money shall be paid, or gratuity given, to any person in the employ of the cemetery while performing his duties.

Record Keeping and Record Requests
1)It is the duty of the Cemetery Manager to be responsible for the paperwork and records of the Cemetery.
2)All requests for records are to be made as an Open Records Request through the City Clerk’ office.

If you have questions please contact the City of Vicksburg City Clerk's office or the Cedar Hill Cemetery. The City Clerk's office is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except holidays and is located at 1401 Walnut Street. To reach the office by phone, please dial (601) 634-4553.

The Cedar Hill Cemetery office is located at 326 Lovers Lane. The office is open from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday. To reach the office by phone, please dial (601) 634-4513 or by fax at (601) 634-6881. If calling after hours, you may leave a voice message for a return call during regular office hours. Please state clearly your first and last name, phone number and a brief reason for calling.