Monday, December 18, 2017

Maintenance of Existing Fencing, Enclosures
The City encourages maintenance of existing fencing and enclosures, but is not responsible for any damage to the fence or enclosure by vault interments (burials).

Cemetery Rubbish

Family and friends are encouraged to remove all faded and/or unsightly flowers and other rubbish from their own Cemetery site and to place with his/her own residential collection. However, discarded flowers, plants and their containers collected from sites by such individuals, other than City departments, may be placed in strong plastic bags and placed at curbside of lot. Notice should be given to the Cemetery Manager when placed at curbside. No food items or wrappers of such shall be placed in bags left at Cemetery curbside.

Chemicals and Damage
Spreading fertilizer or other materials on lots to stimulate growth of grasses or applying any chemical or compound to control the growth of undesirable grasses or other plants is prohibited, unless each use has prior approval by the Cemetery Manager. Many chemicals harm monument and statuary materials, and by the nature of plants, many chemicals can travel systemically and harm other unintended greenery.

 Interments and Digging graves
It is the duty of the Cemetery Manager and his staff to dig all graves for the interment of deceased persons in the City Cemetery as promptly as possible upon receipt of the Authorization to Inter and when all fees pertaining to such are paid with notification of such from the office of City Clerk.

Cemetery Department and Staff
1) City personnel and staff cannot perform work on individual stones, lots or other personal property in the cemetery during normal working hours.
2) No money shall be paid, or gratuity given, to any person in the employ of the cemetery while performing his duties.

Record Keeping and Record Requests
1)It is the duty of the Cemetery Manager to be responsible for the paperwork and records of the Cemetery.
2)All requests for records are to be made as an Open Records Request through the City Clerk’ office.

If you have questions please contact the City of Vicksburg City Clerk's office or the Cedar Hill Cemetery. The City Clerk's office is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except holidays and is located at 1401 Walnut Street. To reach the office by phone, please dial (601) 634-4553.

The Cedar Hill Cemetery office is located at 326 Lovers Lane. The office is open from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday. To reach the office by phone, please dial (601) 634-4513 or by fax at (601) 634-6881. If calling after hours, you may leave a voice message for a return call during regular office hours. Please state clearly your first and last name, phone number and a brief reason for calling.