Friday, December 15, 2017

Cemetery, use of other than funeral
1)Visitors are encouraged to visit the cemetery during daytime hours when the cemetery is open.
2)The date and time of gatherings for memorial services, dedication of monuments and such, shall be approved by the Cemetery Manager to make sure it will not conflict with a scheduled funeral. Where such gathering has an expectation of more than five (5) vehicles, the Cemetery Manager may consult with the Police Department for issues of traffic control and safety. Such consultation may require special provisions in which planning, preparation, and financial burden to provide the special provisions will fall on the requesting individual or group, not on the City.

It is the duty of the Cemetery Manager working by staff and with the Public Works department to maintain the streets of the city cemetery in good order. 

It is the duty of the Cemetery Manager to cut and keep trimmed by staff, contract or arrangements with the Public Works department all grass in the City cemetery for the purpose of maintenance and perpetual care.

Preservation of Historic Burial Grounds
The City is assisting efforts to inform the public of the State of Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH) efforts to preserve cemeteries. MDAH have and can refer inquiries to excellent sources of information concerning records and the care of grounds, monuments, etc. The website address is

Beautification – Trees, Flowers, and Plants
1)It is the duty of the Cemetery Manager by staff or with the Landscaping department to have full charge of the beautification efforts of the public property of the Cemetery with new plantings of trees, ornamental plants and pruning to ensure the overall aesthetics, management of the grounds and the care of monuments, statuary and such.
2)Where trees and shrubs already exist on lots, pruning of trees and shrubs on individual lots is the responsibility of the lot owner.
3)Funeral flowers and plants are allowed at gravesite during time of interment and until such become faded or unsightly. Funeral flowers and plants will be removed and disposed of by the Cemetery if not already removed by family or funeral home.
4)On-going flower and plant ornamentation is allowed under the following conditions:
•Flowers are contained in a permanent vase on a monument secured to ensure stabilization in winds.
•If a basket of flowers or a plant is placed on site, it too must be secured in place for stabilization and surrounded by a non-deteriorating border to ease in grass trimming.
•All faded or unsightly flowers shall be removed promptly by the placing individual or owner. The Cemetery Manager reserves the right to remove such when neglected or damaged.