Saturday, February 24, 2018

POLICY regarding City “Cedar Hill” Cemetery - General

Sale of Perpetual Easements for Interments, Prior Cemetery Land Conveyances
1)The City no longer conveys cemetery land. The City does sell Perpetual Easements for Interment also known as Rights to Inter or Interment Rights.
2)The City continues to honor prior cemetery land conveyances.
3)The City has adopted ordinances and cemetery policies governing cemetery rules and regulations and fees.

Funeral Homes shall also mean Funeral Directors
1)Funeral Homes must follow all ordinances and policies of the Cemetery as pertaining to Interments, Dis-Interments, Funerals, Funeral Processions and Traffic Control, offenses, and other regulated matters.
2)If, in the case where the Funeral Director or Funeral Home is paying the fees for its customers, such as but not limited to Opening and Closings and Perpetual Easements for Interment, then it is the responsibility of the Funeral Home to provide all ordinance and policy information regarding the cemetery to the appropriate family member or person responsible for the interment prior to the day of Interment.
Interments (Opening and Closings), Dis-Interments, Re-Interments, Burial of Ashes and Funerals
All Interments (Opening and Closings), Dis-Interments and Re-Interments and Burial of Ashes which includes, but are not limited to funerals, are to follow the Cemetery Policy Regarding Interment Notification, Interment Authorization and Disinterment/Re-Interments. (See Also Fee Schedule)

Funerals, Processions and Traffic Control
1)All funeral processions within the cemetery must first be approved by the Cemetery Manager.
2)It is the responsibility of the Director of the Funeral or Funeral Home to provide for traffic control as necessary within the cemetery.

Pauper Interments, Infant Interment area, Monuments
1)Pauper interments must be designated by Warren County with notice sent by fax from the Chancery Clerk’s office of Warren County to the City Clerk’s office.
2)Pauper Interments are at the location designated by the City.
4)Infant Interments, if “Perpetual Easement for Interment” is not purchased, are at the location designated by the City.
3)No monuments of any type may be placed in the Pauper Interment areas or Infant Interment site.