Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sec. 7-8. Vehicles, Traffic, Parking and Speed Limit
7-8.1 Vehicles on Cemetery roads shall be of family size; except by special provision as stated in Sec.
7-8.2 A Special provision to allow some commercial size vehicles such as vault trucks, monument installation trucks, city trucks and small tour vans may be allowed if they first obtain permission from the Cemetery Manager for each admittance onto cemetery roads and grounds and only as instructed by the Cemetery Manager concerning route and special road and ground conditions.
7-8.3 Large tour buses and RV’s may park in the Cemetery Office parking lot; however, such should not obstruct the regular vehicular parking and maintenance equipment flow of movement. Prior notification should be given to the Cemetery Manager.
7-8.4 Unregistered motor vehicles are not allowed on Cemetery grounds except City owned vehicles and equipment for management, maintenance and development purposes.
7-8.5 Drivers must observe rules of the road as regulated by the State of Mississippi which may be enforced by the City of Vicksburg Police Department, the Warren County Sheriff Department and any other applicable enforcing agencies. Owners shall use common courtesy as well.
7-8.6 Traffic and Parking in the Cemetery is limited to funerals, memorials, personal visits to grave sites and tours with the following guidelines, limitations and caution:
•The Speed limit of the Cemetery is 10 mph and in some areas less, when instructed by signage.
•Care should be given to allow safe passing by other vehicles so not to cause leaving the right of way to veer onto lots.
•All vehicles shall stop when a funeral procession is passing.
•The Cemetery prefers limited traffic and parking on grass roads and requests whenever possible walking on the grass roads.
•Due to the nature of the shifting ground and the steep terrain, some roads are considered hazardous and are impassable by vehicle traffic. Impassable roads are displayed with a red line on the Cemetery Streets map or where barrier is installed.
•Extra caution should be used when conditions are wet.
•Due to the nature of the Cemetery, the City has placed limited signage. No stop signs are contained in the Cemetery; however, please use extreme caution and care at all intersections giving special consideration to stopping first at those with poor visibility due to terrain or monument work.