Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sec. 7-1. City Cemetery and Cemetery Manager

The City Cemetery, a historic cemetery, originally known as City graveyard, shall be named City of Cedar Hill MonumentVicksburg Cedar Hill Cemetery and is sometimes referred to as the “City Cemetery” or “cemetery” in ordinances and policies relating to same. The Sexton of the Cemetery is also referred to as the Cemetery Manager.

Sec. 7-2 Perpetual Easement for Interment, definition, signing, delivery and prior land conveyances honored
7-2.1 The Perpetual Easement for Interment, also commonly referred to as Rights to Inter or Interment Rights, is a contract between the purchaser and the City for the purpose of allowing the right to be interred in a described piece or parcel of land and at a scheduled price for lot size and perpetual care as set by the City. Only human remains may be interred in the cemetery. The Perpetual Easement for Interment does not convey the transfer of land title.
7-2.2 The City of Vicksburg shall adopt policies from time to time regarding interment rights and prior cemetery deeds to further clarify and set forth limitations. The City will honor all previously issued deeds.
7-2.3 Except for family transfers by will or intestate succession, the sale, transfer or assignment of Interment Rights to any person other than the City is strictly prohibited.
7-2.4 The City may purchase Interment Rights of unused parcels at the cost of the purchase price pro-rated according to unused size, less Interment Right transfer Fees. Transfer of Perpetual Easement for Interment to heirs by will or intestate succession, must be made and duly recorded with the office of the City Clerk and at a fee set by schedule. It is the City’s intention to honor the Last Will and Testament of a decedent and the rights to inherit. The City may require proof of any rights claimed by family members. The City is not responsible for any transfer of Interment Rights by will or through heirs concerning previous interments in lots.

7-2.5 The Perpetual Easement for Interment to all lots within the City Cemetery shall be signed and delivered by the Mayor through the office of City Clerk.