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Nroute Public Transportation
The City of Vicksburg offers public transportation through the NRoute system. NRoute operates Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sit back, relax enjoy a safe comfortable air-conditioned ride while listening to music by some of Vicksburg's and Mississippi's most famous Delta Blues musicians. You might even learn a little more about Vicksburg along the way!

Need schedules or special assistance? Call or go by the NRoute office to obtain route schedules and maps. All buses are handicapped accessible. They are also equipped with bike racks for those commuting from place to place.

Bus Routes

  • Route 1


    Hub Station Waltersville Jefferson Circle Kings Crossing

    Chickasaw/   North

    Diamond Jack  Ameristar  Riverwalk Casino Lady Luck Casino Hub Station
    08:00a 8:07a 8:08a 8:12a 8:14a 8:29a 8:31a 8:34a 8:35a 8:50a
    09:00a 9:07a 9:08a 9:12a 9:14a 9:29a 9:31a 9:34a 9:35a 9:50a
    10:00a 10:07a 10:08a 10:12a 10:14a 10:29a 10:31a 10:34a 10:35a 10:50a
    11:00a 11:07a 11:08a 11:12a 11:14a 11:29a 11:31a 11:34a 11:35a 11:50a
    No Service                
    01:00p 1:07p 1:08p 1:12p 1:14p 1:29p 1:31p 1:34p 1:35p 1:50p
    02:00p 2:07p 2:08p 2:12p 2:14p 2:29p 2:31p 2:34p 2:35p 2:50p
    03:00p 3:07p 3:08p 3:12p 3:14p 3:29p 3:31p 3:34p 3:35p 3:50p
    04:00p 4:07p 4:08p 4:12p 4:14p 4:29p 4:31p 4:34p 4:35p 4:50p
  • Route 2


    Central HUB Outlet Mall Hinds CC River Region Krogers Vicksburg Mall Walmart Corner Market Central Hub
    8:00a 8:10a 8:14a 8:18a 8:28a 8:29a 8:32a 8:38a 8:50a
    9:00a 9:10a 9:14a 9:18a 9:28a 9:29a 9:32a 9:38a 9:50a
    10:00a 10:10a 10:14a 10:18a 10:28a 10:29a 10:32a 10:38a 10:50a
    11:00a 11:10a 11:14a 11:18a 11:28a 11:29a 11:32a 11:38a 11:50a
    No Service 
    1:00p 1:10p 1:14p 1:18p 1:28p 1:29p 1:32p 1:38p 1:50p
    2:00p 2:10p 2:14p 2:18p 2:28p 2:29p 2:32p 2:38p 2:50p
    3:00p 3:10p 3:14p 3:18p 3:28p 3:29p 3:32p 3:38p 3:50p
    4:00p 4:10p 4:14p 4:18p 4:28p 4:29p 4:32p 4:38p 4:50p




  • Route 3


    Central HUB Randloph  / Adams Mission Ridge Webb / MLK Rolling Acres Shadow Cliff Medical Assoc WYMHC Military / Ken Karyl Military / Halls Ferry  Washington / Bowman Central Hub
    8:00a 8:08a 8:11a 8:13a 8:16a 8:21a 8:32a 8:35a Clay Str 8:43a 8:46a 8:50a
    9:00a 9:08a 9:11a 9:13a 9:16a 9:21a 9:32a 9:35a 9:41a 9:43a 9:46a 9:50a
    10:00a 10:08a 10:11a 10:13a 10:16a 10:21a 10:32a 10:35a 10:41a 10:43a 10:46a 10:50a
    11:00a 11:08a 11:11a 11:13a 11:16a 11:23a 11:32a 11:35a 11:41a 11:43a 11:46a 11:50a
    No Service 
    1:00p 1:08p 1:11p 1:13p 1:16p 1:21p 1:32p 1:35p 1:41p 1:43p 1:46p 1:50p
    2:00p 2:08p 2:11p 2:13p 2:16p 2:21p 2:32p 2:35p 2:41p 2:43p 2:46p 2:50p
    3:00p 3:08p 3:11p 3:13p 3:16p 3:21p 3:32p 3:35p 3:41p 3:43p 3:46p 3:50p
    4:00p 4:08p 4:11p 4:13p 4:16p 4:21p 4:32p 4:35p 4:41p 4:43p 4:46p 4:50p

Nroute Contact Info

con_tel Phone: (601) 636-1053

con_addressPhysical Address:
Nroute Transit Commission
2501 Halls Ferry Road
Vicksburg, MS 39180

Hours of operation is 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Mon-Fri

Bus Fares

Nroute Vicksburg Public Transit
General $2.00
Transfer .25
Senior Citizens (60 and older) .75
Children (3- 12) under 2 free    .50
All day pass $4.00
Weekly $15.00
Monthly $35.00
Vicksburg, MS, US

50°F, Windchill: 46°F
Wind: 9 mph N
Humidity: 50%
Visibility: 0 mi
pressure: 30.49 in falling
Sunrise: 6:58 am
Sunset: 5:34 pm
Partly Cloudy
Hi: 54°F, Low: 34°F
Partly Cloudy
Hi: 61°F, Low: 48°F
Hi: 66°F, Low: 37°F
Partly Cloudy
Hi: 45°F, Low: 29°F
Partly Cloudy
Hi: 51°F, Low: 38°F