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Animal Control FAQ's

How do I adopt an Animal?

Come by our office during normal working hours to view our animals. The animal must have been with us for 5 days before you can adopt it. You must pay the adoption fee to Court Services at the Vicksburg Police Department. Once the fee is paid bring the printout the Police Department gives you to our office to pickup your pet. The adoption fee is $20.00.

What is the Adoption Fee?

The adoption fee is $20.00.

Why do you use traps?

Some animals are hard to catch. For both the animals safety and ours we sometimes use a trap to make the catch. It is also used for non-domestic animals.

How many cats may I own inside the City?

You may legally own up to 5 cats.

How do I  report a loose dog?

(inside city limits) Animal Control 601-636-6982

How do I report a dead animal?

(inside city limits) Animal Control 601-636-6982

How do I report a missing animal?

Vicksburg Warren Humane Society at 636-6631

How many dogs may I own inside the City?

You may legally own up to 5 dogs.

Do you pick up dogs in the county?


What does it cost to reclaim my pet once it's been picked up?

There is a $25 fee plus $2.00 per day.

Do you kill the dogs and cats in your shelter? 

No. Once an animal has been in our facility for the required time period we take them to the Jackson Animal Rescue League in Jackson, Mississippi.

How many days do you hold the animals?

We keep them in our shelter for 5 days.

What about the leash law?

There is a leash law and you can read all about it by clicking the municipal code link on our homepage. It is unlawful according to City Ordinance for your pet to be free roaming. We give you three warnings about pets not being on a leash. After the warnings harsher action is taken.

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Mosquito FAQ's

What time do the drivers begin spraying?

The drivers begin each days route at 5:00 p.m. and ends at approximately 10:00 p.m.

Why are the drivers not spraying my area?

There could be are a few reasons why the drivers are not spraying an area. The following is a list of possible reasons why an area does not get sprayed.

If the weather conditions are not appropriate, the trucks will not spray. Weather conditions that will cause a delay for spraying are:

  • Winds are over 10 mph
  • Rain
  • The temperature is too low.

Your area will not be skipped. It will be sprayed when the weather conditions are appropriate. If there are people standing in the street or children present in the area, the trucks will not spray that area. This is a safety precaution. We ask that if you see the truck in your area, go inside until the truck has left the area.

Holidays such as: Easter, Memorial Day, Forth of July, and Labor Day will also cause a driver not to spray a particular area. This is a safety precaution for people that will be holding a gathering outdoors.

I did not hear or see the truck go by my house. Why did they not spray my area?

You may not always hear or see the trucks go by your home. The new London Fog ULV (ultra low volume) sprayers do not make as much noise as the older thermal foggers. The reason you do not see the trucks as much is because the new ULV sprayers put out a fine mist, unlike the "dense fog" emitted by the older thermal foggers.

Please call our office if you have any questions concerning the City of Vicksburg's Mosquito Control Department. We will be happy to assist you.

You can also use the online service request to make a complaint 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Just fill out the form and it will be forwarded to the Mosquito Control Department.

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Police Department FAQ's

Who issues firearms permits in Mississippi?

State firearm permits are issued through the Mississippi Department of Public Safety and are processed locally at the district Mississippi Highway Patrol Sub-Stations. The two nearest MHP Sub-Stations for the Olive Branch area are located at Batesville and New Albany. The Batesville location processes firearm permits on Mondays (from 8 AM to 11:30 AM and from 1:30 PM to 3 PM) – phone number 662-563-6400. The New Albany location processes firearm permits on Wednesdays (from 9 AM to 12 noon) – phone number 662-534-8619. The State Firearms Permit website is:

With what other states does Mississippi have firearm permits reciprocity?

Mississippi has reciprocal firearm permit agreements with: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia & Wyoming.

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Recreation FAQ's

How do I become an Umpire?

To umpire in our baseball and softball leagues you must be a certified umpire. Periodically during the year we conduct umpire clinics for umpire certification. Call our office for more information.

Are you the sole operator of the youth baseball?

No. We are responsible for the fields, umpires, scorekeepers, etc. but Vicksburg Baseball Association runs the league.

Where do I get an application for employment?

You can pick an application at the Human Resource Department. They are located in the Neill Building behind City Hall. You can also download an application from this website. See our library section.

How do I get a registration form for programs?

You may pick up the form at the Parks and Recreation Department located at 102 Army Navy Dr. Some forms are available in the website Documents Library

Where do I get info about renting the Pavillion?

Call the City Clerk's office at 601-634-4553.

Where can I get info on recreation facility rentals?

Call the recreation department at 601-634-4514.

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TV23 FAQ's

How do I request a tape of a program?

Tape and/or DVD requests are handled through our City Clerks Office at City Hall. There is a request form that must be filled out and you must do that in person. They do not take mail or phone requests. The form is then forwarded to TV23. Once the tape/DVD is complete you can pick it up at the Clerks Office.

For convenience you can download and print the video request form for our website. You must take the form to the City Clerk's office to be processed. Do not email this form.

You must provide us with the following:

title of program,
the date and time it was telecast on GATV

There is a charge of $10 per tape copy and $15 per DVD request.

Is there a charge for a video tape?

Yes, each tape costs $10 and each DVD is $15.

What is Government Access TV (GATV)?

Government Access Television is programming produced primarily by city, county, state and federal agencies and employees. Programs run the gamut from live coverage of Vicksburg Board of Mayor and Aldermen meetings to city informational programs such as "Vicksburg Notes" and Public Service Announcements. GATV, Cable Channel 23, is owned and operated by the City of Vicksburg. As part of the cable franchise agreement with Vicksburg Video the cable operator pays the city for the use of the public right of ways. These funds, known as franchise fees, are used to support cable related activities. A portion of these funds is exclusively used to support Government Access Television. The GATV channel can be viewed in the City of Vicksburg on Vicksburg Video Cable Channel 23. For more information call 601-801-2300.

Can I advertise my "for profit" business or services on TV23?

NO! TV23 is a Government access channel and can not advertise a business or service.

How do I place a public annoucement?

The TV23 channel shows Public Service Announcements (PSA's) on the City Bulletin Board. This message board is available for any announcements that are City sponsored activities and events. If your message fits thiscriteria you may:

Fax it to:
TV23, City Bulletin Board at 631-3254,
Mail it to:
City of Vicksburg TV23
1415 Walnut St
Vicksburg, Mississippi 39181
Attention: City Bulletin Board

Note - Announcements can also be sent in the form of a power point presentation. Text must be at 28 points in size with high contrast against it's background. You may email them to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can TV23 be used as a political "platform or venue?"

NO! For complete clarification contact the City of Vicksburg legal department.

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