Saturday, February 24, 2018

logo entergy regRising water levels in our service territory have prompted Entergy Mississippi, Inc. to prepare to disconnect electrical service in certain areas inside the levee system. This action is being taken as a public safety precaution and to comply with the National Electric Safety Code.

The safety of employees and customers is Entergy Mississippi’s top priority. The National Electric Safety Code stipulates that electrical service must be disconnected if water levels rise too close to our primary lines. Service must also be disconnected any time water enters a dwelling or when water levels approach a structure’s electrical system.

Above all, customers should stay away from downed power lines and flooded areas. Do not walk in standing water, and do not venture into areas of debris. Be aware that energized and dangerous power lines may not be visible. Avoid operating boats in flooded areas except under extreme emergency situations. If operating a boat is necessary, use extreme caution when navigating in flooded areas around power lines to ensure boats and their occupants do not come into contact with energized lines.

Our intent is to take every reasonable step to avoid interrupting service to areas not affected by flooding. However, service may be interrupted if flood waters threaten or damage equipment serving areas not affected by flooding or as we work to reconfigure facilities to isolate flooded areas.

Entergy Mississippi has a detailed plan in place to notify our customers if flood-related service disconnections are necessary. So far, disconnections have been limited to areas that have experienced flooding, but they could broaden if water levels continue to approach customer property, homes, businesses and electrical equipment. Entergy Mississippi will make every effort to notify customers in affected areas when rising water indicates that a hazard may occur; or when city, county or civil defense officials mandate that service disconnections are necessary. Entergy Mississippi may contact customers via phone, personal visit or by leaving printed information at homes and businesses.

Customers should call 1-800-ENTERGY (1-800-368-3749) to have service reconnected or to request temporary service disconnections. If water gets into meter bases, customers may be required to have an inspection performed by the city or county before Entergy Mississippi can reconnect service. In areas that do not have inspectors, Entergy Mississippi service personnel will perform the inspection. Reconnection fees are waived for these types of service disconnections.