city hall angelMayor Paul Winfield announced a 5% reduction in the base Natural Gas cost of $7.00 for all rate payers effective 11/1/2012. Utility Management, rate consultant for the City, has completed the conversion of 50% of this winter's gas cost to a fixed price and plans to add additional volumes depending on weather and market conditions.

Mayor Winfield states, "My administration is happy to pass our natural gas cost savings on to our constituents." "We will continue to proactively manage our utility systems during these difficult economic times to benefit our customers."

The $7.00 base rate is by City ordinance, the cost of purchasing and delivering natural gas to the City's gate and is only a portion of the total cost of delivering gas to the customer. It does not include the overhead of local distribution. The City uses a "gas adjustment" to increase or decrease the base rate cost of buying gas. Beginning in November, customers will get a thirty-five cent ($0.35) credit for every 1,000 cubic feet of gas used.